From this ‘faladoiro’ go straight ahead towards the South Quay for a quiet walk and sit down on one of the benches to admire the beautiful panoramic views, and if you can see if you can make out the names of the boats, some very catchy and curious, like the Spanish for The Thief of Baghdad, Fishing net, Carnation, Coral, and more.

This area of the port is home to two fishing net makers’ associations in Malpica: Mar da illa and O Feital. The female weavers, known as ‘atadoras’, tie, repair and weave seine nets and other small gear for the local boats. They even take their work to other Galician ports and weave nets and long lines for French, Italian, Portuguese and African boats. Some days you will find them sitting down, sewing, rain or shine, in the North Quay. It is one of the very typical sights of Malpica.

The O Fieital association is part of the ‘Enredadas’ (‘Entangled’) Galician cooperation project. Along with the fishing net makers of Corme, Burela  and A Guarda, they organise activities to highlight their craft, like children's workshops, harbour trails, and craft sales. Guided tours can be arranged by email on redeirasdofieital@yahoo.es or by phone on the 617 695 230 (5 €, advance booking).

Now head towards the North Quay and turn to the left on the O Porto street to get to the Praza do Cruzeiro checking the following control points with QR codes along the Harbour Trail.