Although the locals of Malpica always called them ‘A Illa’ (‘The island’), The Sisargas is an archipelago made up of three separate islets: The Grande, The Chica and The Malante. To get there, you can hire the services of a private boat, as there is no public transport. A path about 1.2 miles long begins in Sisarga Grande’s small pier, next to the beach, and finishes at the lighthouse. It is the Costa da Morte’s first lighthouse when heading south. Built in 1853, it is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Costa da Morte, along with Fisterra’s. In 1912, a comprehensive refurbishment was approved. The lighthouse’s operation is automated since 2002. At nighttime, a white light flashes 3 times every 15 seconds. From the old Casa da Serea (on the East end), a unique sound was emitted to warn seafarers of the proximity of the dangerous cliffs of the northern zone, which cannot be seen from mainland. Delicious, top-quality goose barnacles, (percebes), considered the best of all the Costa da Morte, grow here, scraped from the rocks by the brave percebeiros.


In the area surrounding the Sisargas there have been about twenty documented shipwrecks, from the Magnánimo in 1794 to the O'Bahía in 2004. In 1889, the British vessel Priam ran aground on the western part of the islands during a storm. The hospitality of the locals and their collaboration in rescue missions helped limit the number of fatalities.