You are now at Casa do Pescador, on the southern part of the port of Malpica, where the first boat access area, known as the Don Anselmo ramp, in reference to his benefactor, was located.

The building was inaugurated in 1956, and its interiors were designed by Urbano Lugrís, who was commissioned to carry out the work. The painter dedicated these works to Malpica’s fishermen. They can be visited daily, for free from 9am to 2.30pm. In the afternoon, the hall on the first floor is open too.

Go inside and up the stairs. In the current Home of the Pensioners there are five murals depicting sea imagery. Each one opens up a window into a portion of the local tradition, and is crowned with a dedication to the fishermen.

Upstairs on the second floor, look at the door on the left. There you will find a wooden clock carved by Lugrís, with two triptychs alongside. On one of them, you will find a depiction of the local saints. Saint Julian, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Adrian. On the other one, the patron saints of sailors, Saint Elmo, Saint Egeria and Saint Brendan.

Behind you there is a sea-themed triptych consisting of three images accompanied by a poem to Malpica’s sea.

Upon leaving, go have a drink in the O Pescador bar. The compass rose you will find there has been showing wind directions to sailors for over half a century.