It was with sailors that Urbano Lugrís felt at ease. Every bar and tavern became a place to gather and chat in a spontaneous fashion.

The painter spent many hours here, in what was the O Cadeiro eatery, a place to meet and stop by on the way to Area Maior beach, an inspiring landscape for Lugrís. Take a look towards the beach and, if the day is clear, you will see the Sisargas Islands.

Urbano Lugrís was a natural-born artist and intellectual. His father was the founder and president of the Galician Academy and his mother was a pianist. He dropped out of college and immersed himself in the bohemian and avant-garde atmosphere of Madrid, where he began a journey with the Educational Missions, bringing culture to remote villages.

In fact, he first came to Malpica in 1933 with these Educational Missions, as the designer of the mission’s first puppet theatre.

Turn around and you will find behind you the façade of the house where the General José Pardines Arcay was born (Malpica, 1943 – Villabona, Guipuzcoa, 1968). The street where the house is built is named after him. He was the first person to be murdered by the terrorist group ETA.

Retrace your steps to the main road and turn left. After some 20 yards you will find Casa do Pescador, home to the Fishermen's Association. Inside there is an extensive sample of Lugrís’s works.